Apple could introduce Pro Mode on Macs to boost performance

Apple could reportedly introduce a new Pro Mode on its Macs to boost performance.

According to code strings found inside of the macOS Catalina beta, first discovered by the team at 9to5Mac, Apple might be on the brink of announcing a new power feature.

The company regularly tests new ideas and features in macOS betas to collect data from users, and then refines the technology behind the scenes for a future macOS release.

The latest beta, which was first released last month, contains code that references a new Pro Mode feature that could be packaged with a future macOS release.

The idea behind Pro Mode is that users would be optionally able to override current fan speed limits and energy-saving restrictions imposed by Apple to improve its performance temporarily.

Inside of the code, the feature says: “Apps may run faster, but battery life may decrease and fan noise may increase” when using Pro Mode, suggesting it could be coming soon.

As with Apple’s recent Do Not Disturb mode, which came to macOS last year, the new Pro Mode will reportedly be an option that can be turned on for a day, and it’ll automatically turn off the day after it’s been enabled to ensure Macs run in their best possible conditions. Long-term use of Pro Mode would likely cause damage to the Mac.

The code in the beta references the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, though other sources have suggested that the feature could come to the Mac Pro too, overriding the current maximum fan speed limits which improve thermal performance and ensure user safety.

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