Apple could launch its first ARM Mac this year

Apple could reportedly launch its first ARM MacBook this year, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

The reliable insider has suggested that Apple has accelerated production on the new chip, and that we’ll see Apple launch the first ARM Mac by the end of 2020, or at the very latest the first quarter of 2021, suggesting an Apple-powered Mac could be just around the corner.

Though Kuo doesn’t offer any specific technical details on what Mac will be given the ARM treatment first, it’s widely predicted that it will be the 16-inch MacBook Pro, one of the firm’s most popular computing devices, updated at the end of last year with a stunning new screen.

Apple launched the iPad Pro and claimed that it was up to 93% faster than PC laptops, and so an ARM-powered MacBook would surely be the first product on the list?

Note that when the new MacBook Pro launches with an ARM chip, the iPad Pro could be two years old, and so Apple would likely ramp up the performance of its iPads to compensate and create a new powerhouse of products, designed for professional users who need powerful processors.

Naturally, Apple wants to move away from third-party chip processor manufacturers such as Intel, but the process will take time.

When Apple does make the switch, we’re expected to see Macs that are faster, better performing, with longer battery life and quieter fans, and the fact that everything is owned and manufactured by one firm will offer further improvements.

Something important to bear in mind is that Apple will need to recompile their apps to work with ARM architecture, and Apple may have planned to discuss that at this year’s WWDC.

It now appears unlikely that the company will host the conference, but Apple could announce an alternative and show off new technology to developers via a virtual WWDC experience, instead.

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