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Apple could release new Apple TV and surprise product next week

Could Apple Glasses see the light of day?

Apple will announce a new Apple TV at next week’s September Event, according to new leaks.

Twitter user @never_released has a long history of sharing codenames and information about upcoming Apple hardware and has suggested that an Apple TV upgrade is coming.

The “insider” didn’t give a timeframe, but his screenshot shows a new model with an Apple TV11,1 identifier and a codename of J305.

That AppleTV11,1 model identifier appears within strings and files in an internal build of iOS 13 that was leaked to websites such as 9to5Mac and MacRumors, so a release could be just around the corner.

@never_released added that the new Apple TV will be powered by a faster A12 chip compared to previous models, which would correspond to the fact Apple Arcade games can be played on Apple TV devices.

Whether Apple will add an A12 or A12X chip to the device remains to be seen, but the current Apple TV 4K features an A10X Fusion chip.

Apple has updated the Apple TV every two years, with the third-generation Apple TV coming in March 2013, and the fourth and fifth released in September 2015 and 2017 respectively.

With Apple also expected to launch Apple TV+ in November, a new TV box makes sense.

One more thing…

Another Twitter insider, CoinX, has teased followers with the “one more thing” phrase, suggesting he knows about another product set for release as part of this year’s keynote.

Apple has been rumored to be launching a new tracking tag similar to Tile, and Apple Glasses have also been in development for a number of years and could be revealed.

Apple will unveil everything it has in store on Tuesday 10th September at 10 am. Keep it AppleMagazine for the latest news as and when we get it, as well as coverage of the event.

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