Apple could ship braided lightning cable with iPhone 12 The new design follows rumors that Apple will drop EarPods and power adapters from the iPhone 12.

Apple could switch to a new braided Lightning to USB-C cable from the iPhone 12, according to photos from insiders at ChargerLAB, and a report from L0vetodream on Twitter.

The leaked photographs show a USB-C to Lightning cable sporting a new braided design rather than the usual non-fabric design that Apple has included for many years.

The firm has never released an iPhone cable with a braid, although it does sell braided Thunderbolt Pro cable on its website, as well as braided cables for the Mac Pro and HomePod devices.

Over the years, third-party manufacturers have favored braided designs are they’re more durable than standard rubber- or plastic-coated cables. These leaked cable photographs look similar to Apple-designed braided cables, so it’s very possible that they’re official.

ChargerLAB leaked the photographs on Chinese social network Weibo yesterday, and it’s not the first time that they’ve offered accurate insider information. Previously, they reported that the high-end iPhone Pro models would feature a USB-C power adapter, which turned out to be true.

According to their internal testing, the new cable features an Apple-certified Made for ‌iPhone‌ design, and measures in at 1.05 meters, which is similar to the 1-meter cables that Apple includes in current iPhones. The cable also has a similar thickness, too.

Apple transitioned to USB-C to Lightning cables to enable faster charging with compatible iPhones. When used correctly, they can offer a 50% iPhone charge within just thirty minutes.

The company is widely rumored to droop the power adapter and EarPods from the iPhone 12.

Instead, users will be encouraged to use their old charging blocks and purchase a pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro, which are now the world’s most popular wireless headphones.

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