Apple could split security updates from system updates on iOS

Apple could be planning to split security updates from system updates in a future update.

According to iOS 14.5 beta code, the new update could allow older devices to take advantage of security updates but be limited to new features that could be added as part of future content updates.

This could, theoretically, mean Apple could support older devices for many years into the future, providing security updates that extend the lifespan of devices.

In recent years, users of older iPhones and iPads have held off updating to iOS 13 and iOS 13 in fear of slowing down their devices of causing issues with battery life or performance.

In this new move, they’d be able to benefit from important security features without needing to update to a new iOS package, offering them greater peace of mind and reducing the chance of data entering into the wrong hands.

Apple already issues security updates as standalone downloads on macOS, and if it’s brought to iOS and iPadOS, it could reduce the impact of potential hacks and data loss.

Apple will release iOS 14.5 in the coming weeks, introducing new features like emoji, App Tracking Transparency, and more. Stay tuned for updates on iOS here on AppleMagazine.

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