Apple could switch to eSIM from iPhone 14

Sim and Tray

Apple could ditch traditional SIM cards in favor of new eSIMs when it launches the iPhone 14.

As consumers across Europe and Asia adopt eSIMs, Apple is reportedly considering removing the traditional SIM card slot on its iPhones for the new standard. It would not only lower costs and streamline the onboarding process but make the iPhone more water resistant and potentially port-free.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the three major carriers in the United States are readying a SIM cardless future, and it’s thought that the iPhone 14 will be the first iPhone to be totally SIM-free. Apple has supported eSIMS for several years on the iPhone, and some Android smartphones don’t offer SIM card slots at all, so it could be that the company is planning to make a similar switch.

It’s expected that, rather than removing the SIM slot entirely from its smartphones, Apple will offer an eSIM-only version of the smartphone to allow users to make the switch. For those with traditional SIM cards, a standard smartphone will be sold to avoid confusion during the changeover process.

Since the iPhone 13, Apple allows consumers to have two eSIM cards on their smartphones at once, allowing them to use the same device for both personal and work calls.

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