Apple could unveil iPhone 12 on September 8, Apple Glass on October 27 Could Apple Glass be coming this year after all?

A new leaker has suggested that Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone 12 range of smartphones on September 8, and follow that up with a second keynote in October.

The leaker, known as IHackTu on Twitter, has suggested that Apple would drop a new version of its iPad Pro model on October 27, followed by the first Apple Silicon Mac.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this leak, however, is that the insider suggests that Apple will drop the first version of its long-awaited Apple Glass augmented reality glasses.

That product will follow the next-generation iPad and Apple Watch at an online-only event on September 8. IHackTu also suggests that a successor to Apple’s scrapped AirPower could also be announced.

Apple confirmed almost two years after announcing the product that it couldn’t get the final version right, but there have been rumors a new version was coming.

Of course, we don’t know for certain whether IHackTu’s information is correct, but his suggestions follow Apple’s typical release schedules. He argues that Apple will reveal the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon chips in October, alongside Apple Glass.

IHackTu says that Apple will only release Apple Glass if it can hold a physical keynote.

Earlier in the year, Apple switched to virtual keynotes – like its impressive Worldwide Developers Conference – due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the situation is improving in some parts of the country, it’s unlikely that mass events will be possible by October.

Last year, Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple would release the first version of Apple Glass in 2020, though the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly caused companies to change their policies and reconsider their product roadmaps.

Whether Apple will release the Apple Glass product remains to be seen, but we’ll bring you the latest closer to an announcement.

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