Apple Declines OpenAI Board Observer Role Amid Regulatory Pressure Apple has chosen not to take an observer role on OpenAI’s board, despite a deal to integrate ChatGPT into its devices, according to the Financial Times.


Earlier reports had indicated that Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow and App Store chief, would assume the observer role as part of the agreement to bring ChatGPT to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. A board observer can attend and contribute to meetings without voting rights or control.

However, increased regulatory scrutiny of Big Tech’s AI investments has led both Apple and Microsoft to forgo these positions.

Instead, OpenAI will hold regular meetings with partners to engage and inform them, led by the company’s CFO, Sarah Friar.

The European Commission recently indicated there could be an antitrust investigation into Microsoft and OpenAI’s partnership, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is examining investments by companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in AI startups.

Under Apple and OpenAI’s deal, Siri will be able to delegate complex user requests to ChatGPT with user permission. No financial transactions are involved in this arrangement between the two companies.

Phil Schiller | Apple Fellow
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