Apple delay the release of 5G until at least 2020…

In what could be described as a daring and somewhat mysterious move for Apple, the iGiant announced recently that they are to hold off releasing their 5G capable models until 2020. For a company which has always seemed to pride themselves on driving forward innovative technology first, it seems a little bizarre that Apple would step back and ultimately allow other software companies to take the limelight.

It’s a generational thing…

5G is the fifth generation of mobile internet connections, following on from the current 4G, which first appeared in 2011. So far, we know that 5G connections will aim for a faster connection rate, as well as save energy and costs. The first phase of the 5G connection is expected to be fully developed by March 2019. By the time Apple release their 5G iPhones, it is rumoured that the second phase of the connection will be upon us.

A risk worth taking?

Apple have argued that by releasing products with 5G capability as soon as the connection becomes available, they could subject their users to poorer connections, as is always the risk with brand new, ever-developing technology. By waiting until the second phase of 5G connectivity, Apple believes their users are more likely to experience a naturally improved and fully-functioning new service.

However, the developers of 5G have expressed their concern that this is a risky move that could damage Apple’s sales. apple, currently the highest selling smartphone company in the world, are actively withdrawing themselves from the technological market in a sense. The developers of 5G have warned that rival smartphone companies, such as Samsung, will see this as a rare opportunity to potentially poach their market.

Whether the software giant’s risk will pay off is something we’ll have to wait a while to find out. However, it doesn’t seem too unrealistic to predict that Apple will continue to hold the upper hand in the technology market. Somehow, they always do.