Apple designing more durable glass for future iPhones


A new report from Patently Apple, shows a new patent application from Apple describing a glass with “enhanced stiffness”. As someone who has cracked my iPhone screen more than once, this new glass could be a game changer!

The new glass will reportedly be made using Sapphire or Fiberglass Ribbing, and is described as a cover glass for electronic devices. It seems the glass would provide an extra layer of protection and could be applied over a display or over the body of the device. This design would be particularly useful for glass back phones.

The “ribbing” design would include a crosshatch of fiberglasses and would strengthen the glass even further and prevent any cracking. The sapphire coating would also improve strength. This has been used on iPhone camera lenses previously and on the Apple Watch.

The design still appears to be in early stages and it could still be a long time before we see this on future iPhones. Have you ever broken your iPhone screen? What are your thoughts on the new glass?

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