Apple Developing a Mystery Product?

ipad_wifi_pfv_blk_wht_ios6_uk_screenRumor has it that Apple is developing a 17-watt charger, supposedly for a new product that will soon be on the market. No one is quite certain what the product is exactly; the development of a new iPad model seems like the most plausible theory at this point. A MacBook Air uses a 45-watt charger and a regular iPad uses a 10-watt charger, suggesting that “the new device would take a bit more power than a full-sized iPad but less than a Macbook.” Some are saying that the 17-watt charger is being developed for a 13-inch iPad.

Apple hasn’t done much to mix up its iPad line since the introduction of the iPad mini in 2010. If the company is looking to add to the line, a 13-inch iPad would be an interesting change. The slightly bigger tablet may benefit organizations such as schools, hospitals, and businesses. However, something to consider would be the value that most iPad users place on portability. A larger iPad might not appeal much to the general public.

Though a few sources are saying that the 17-watt charger is being developed for the September 10th media event, it’s not likely. The event is based solely around the iPhone, and since the iPhone only uses 5W, the charger probably isn’t related to that product. The idea of a 13-inch iPad is purely speculation at this point.

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