Apple Developing Easier Battery Replacement Technology for iPhones In response to forthcoming EU regulations, Apple is reportedly working on a new technology to simplify iPhone battery replacements, potentially debuting with the iPhone 16.

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Apple is said to be developing a technology called “electrically induced adhesive debonding” to make iPhone batteries more replaceable. This method involves encasing the battery in metal instead of foil.

By applying a small electrical jolt, users would be able to dislodge the battery from the chassis.

Currently, battery replacement requires using tweezers to remove the adhesive-held battery and a specialized machine to install the new one.

Despite this latest innovation, Apple will still recommend professional battery replacements due to the complexity of opening an iPhone, which involves dealing with adhesives and screws that seal the screen in place.

If successful, this new technology could debut in at least one iPhone 16 model this year, expanding to all iPhone 17 models next year.

The move is seen as a response to potential EU legislation that could require user-replaceable batteries by 2025. However, exceptions in the legislation might influence how it applies to Apple.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, expressed support for Apple’s initiative, highlighting the difficulties adhesives pose for modern device repairs. He noted that using voltage to release the battery is a promising approach, given the availability of direct current power supplies.

Previous reports, including from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have indicated that Apple plans to use metal casing for the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery, a necessary step for the new bonding technology.

This development aligns with Apple’s broader strategy to adapt iPhone battery technology in the coming years.

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