Apple Developing OLED MacBook Air LG Display and Samsung Display to Provide OLED Screens for Apple Products

Apple is reportedly working with LG Display and Samsung Display to develop OLED displays for next-generation iPad Pro models in 11- and 13-inch sizes, as well as the MacBook Air. Due to limited production capacity at LG Display, Apple has chosen Samsung for the MacBook Air’s display. Samsung Display is also said to be developing an 11-inch OLED panel for a future iPad model, potentially sharing 11-inch iPad Pro orders with LG.

Apple plans to introduce new iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models with OLED displays sequentially. The Elec is uncertain when the OLED MacBook Air will be released, but it could be around two years away, considering Apple’s product development timelines. Display analyst Ross Young expects an OLED MacBook Air to launch as early as 2024.

Apple initially wanted Samsung Display to supply a 10.86-inch OLED panel for a future iPad Air model, but the project was scrapped due to price, quantity issues, and the need to differentiate the iPad Air from the iPad Pro. Apple has now shifted to a more reliable two-stack OLED panel expected to debut on the iPad Pro next year.

MacBook Air 2022 | New Midnight color

The Elec also reports that the 13.3-inch OLED panel development for the MacBook Air serves as a test for mass production of OLED panels for future MacBook Pro models.

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