Apple employees must work from the office three days a week

Apple will force employees to return to the office three days a week.

The company has confirmed plans for its corporate employees to return to the office for at least three days out of five from September 5 to reduce the reliance on remote working. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple employees must work from the office every Tuesday, Thursday, and a third day depending on their individual team and department.

Apple allowed staff to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but earlier in the year changed its policy to ask them to return to campus. In May, Apple asked employees to work from the office twice a week as a “compromise”, and now it’s switching to three days a week from September.

According to insiders, employees were unhappy with the return to working in the office, and as many as 55% considered employment elsewhere due to the policy. Ian Goodfellow, Director of Machine Learning at Apple, resigned from his role due to the new return-to-the-office policy. He later joined Google.

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