Apple Expands Focus on 6G Technology Development Apple escalates its efforts in developing 6G technology, despite challenges in 5G advancements.

6G technology
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Apple is progressively focusing on the development of 6G cellular connectivity for its future devices, indicating a significant shift in its technological priorities.

This move comes despite the company facing notable hurdles in creating its own 5G cellular modem. In 2021, Apple’s job listings explicitly referencing 6G began to surface, signaling a serious commitment to this new technology.

Recently, a new job posting for a Modem Systems Software Architect was spotted on Apple’s website. This role is specifically aimed at coordinating “the design and modeling of a 6G reference architecture,” according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

This job listing reflects Apple’s increasing initiative to recruit engineers for the development of 6G cellular technologies.

The industry’s momentum towards next-generation 6G networking is already underway. Apple joined the Next G Alliance in late 2020, this organization having been formed by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS).

The group’s mission is to “advance North American mobile technology leadership in 6G and beyond over the next decade, while building on the long-term evolution of 5G.”

Analysts have suggested that 6G could potentially offer speeds more than 100 times faster than current 5G technology.

However, the real-world performance and capabilities of 6G remain speculative at this stage.

It is anticipated that 6G technology will not become available in consumer devices until around 2030.

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