Apple Expands New Beta Update Installation Method To macOS 13.4 And watchOS 9.5 Apple has extended the new beta update installation method, which was first introduced in iOS 16.4, to macOS 13.4 and watchOS 9.5, allowing users to install updates using their Apple ID.

Apple’s new way of installing beta updates, first introduced in iOS 16.4, has been extended to macOS 13.4 and watchOS 9.5. This method allows registered Apple Developer Program members to install beta updates by signing in with their Apple ID associated with their Developer profile through the Software Updates section in the Settings app. It eliminates the need to download updates through Developer Center profiles.

The new approach allows beta testers to use separate Apple IDs for accessing developer or public beta updates and personal use. It also helps Apple crack down on users sharing developer beta profiles without paying the $100 annual fee for the Developer Program.

With the release of macOS 13.4 beta 2 and watchOS 9.5 beta 2 to developers and public beta testers, 9to5Mac discovered that the new beta installation method is now available for macOS and watchOS. To install the latest beta updates on their Mac or Apple Watch, beta testers must sign in with their registered Apple ID with the Developer Program through the Software Update section in the Settings app in watchOS, or System Settings in macOS.

Apple’s description of the new beta installation method for iOS 16.4 stated that configuration profiles would no longer grant access to developer betas in future releases, and the new setting would be the primary way to enable developer betas.

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