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Apple expected to launch water-resistant AirPods later this year

Fancy a dip whilst listening to your favorite music? Stay tuned for AirPods 3.

According to reports, Apple is planning to release its third-generation AirPods later in the year, featuring water resistance for the first time, meaning users can wear them outdoors in the rain or even in the shower, provided the IP rating is suitable for such activities.

According to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, Apple will release the next-generation AirPods before the holiday shopping season and include design enhancements for the first time.

AirPods have featured the same design since the original product launched back in 2016.

This new information corresponds to rumors we’ve already heard about the products, such as the note from Mark Gurman which suggested the company was working on a high-end version of its AirPods with water resistance and noise cancelation for the first time.

Gurman also suggested that Apple would release its own over-ear headphones later this year in a similar style to the Beats range, offering studio quality and Apple branding.

Ming-Chi Kuo followed up Gurman’s claims in April and suggested that Apple would drop two new AirPods models in the fourth quarter of the year, suggesting that one would feature an “all-new form factor design” and a “higher price” than the current $199 AirPods.

It’s expected that the new Airpods models will feature an all-new system-in-package design which would improve yield, reduce costs, and save space inside of the device for new technology, though it’s unknown what aesthetic changes would be made just yet.

Are you looking forward to AirPods 3, or are you frustrated that Apple updated them earlier this year, only to overhaul them months later? Let us know on Twitter via @AppleMagazine.

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