Apple expects iPad and Mac sales to increase during coronavirus pandemic

Apple expects the coronavirus pandemic to have a positive effect on its Mac and iPad sales.

Speaking at its quarterly earnings call, the company said it was unwilling to offer guidance for the quarter ahead because of the economic uncertainty, but did offer a glimmer of hope for investors and Apple employees, revealing that the crisis could positively impact its sales.

The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, said that although year-over-year sales for iPhone and the company’s wearables market would “worsen” in the next quarter, it was better news for iPad and Mac, with Apple expecting more consumers to upgrade their kit.

Indeed, as millions work from home to reduce the spread of the virus, Apple is anticipating an increase in demand for its MacBooks, iMacs, and iPads, which offer a premium computing experience over Windows machines and are an increasingly preferred choice for businesses, particularly those in the creative industries.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook added that he expects to see iPad and Mac shipments to improve, despite the fact the company saw significant declines in demand for its products in March and the beginning of April.

He added that, by the second half of the month, there was an increase in demand for its new products and Macs, as consumers come to terms with the fact that the pandemic will be here for a long time, and thus are stocking up on essential working from home products.

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