Apple finally releases live News section for Apple TV

On Thursday, Apple updated its TV app for iOS and tvOS, introducing a live News section. We were first given an inside look at this News section in September and Apple has finally delivered on its promise.

This new addition follows the introduction of a dedicated Sports section a few months ago, which we were also given a first look at in September. The Sports section, released in December, was more extensive, however, the News section gives users the option to access live streaming news content from a range of networks including CBS News, Fox News, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

You can download the app directly from the app store and users can now access live streaming without having to use standalone provider apps. Apple will prompt you to install the apps and will use your Single Sign-On login credentials to set up each app for all your chosen new sources for you seamlessly. When you want to watch a specific live feed, you can use Siri simply by asking “Play Fox News”.

Both the News and the Sports sections were showcased alongside the unveiling of the Apple TV 4K and the two sections work to support each other.

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