Apple Gears Up for A Groundbreaking Mac Monitor with Smart Home Display Capabilities Apple is reportedly working on a new Mac monitor that's more than just a display - it's a potential smart home hub.

XDR Display

Apple is reportedly developing an innovative external monitor for Macs, designed to double as a smart home display when idle, as shared by esteemed Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. This information was unveiled in the exclusive version of Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter.

In his coverage, Gurman mentions that Apple is making strides on numerous new monitor proposals. Some are likely successors to the celebrated Studio Display and Pro Display XDR, but one holds the intriguing promise of incorporating smart standby features powered by an onboard iOS chip.

If Gurman’s assertion holds true, it won’t mark the first instance of Apple leveraging its silicon prowess in an external display. Apple’s current 27-inch Studio Display carries a dedicated A13 chip, which although limited, still handles camera and speaker features like Center Stage and Spatial Audio when the display is operational.

The concept of employing an iOS device chip to boost independent smart attributes when a monitor isn’t in use represents an evolutionary leap for the company. It’s conceivable that this advancement might utilize an enhanced version of the new Standby feature found in iOS 17, which morphs a horizontally-charging iPhone into a home hub complete with full-screen widgets.

However, eager consumers shouldn’t hold their breath for this smart monitor’s release, as Gurman advises not to anticipate its launch until 2024 “at the earliest”.

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