Apple Glass: augmented reality glasses to retail for $499

Apple’s new augmented reality glasses are expected to retail for $499 in the United States, according to a new report from reliable leaker Jon Prosser on his YouTube channel.

The insider shared information on the long-awaited AR product, rumored to be released in 2021, including details on pricing for the first time.

He expects that Apple will launch the new product under the “Apple Glass” name – similar to Google Glass – starting from just $499.

He also revealed that the new glasses would also be available as a prescription for those who typically wear glasses, meaning they could replace their existing frames with a new Apple-branded and Apple-powered alternative and wear them in everyday settings.

Understandably, the prescription glasses will be more expensive than the standard glasses, and it’s unknown whether Apple would manufacture those in-house or sell them to opticians and allow them to fit the glass; the firm could mix the two and partner with major players.

Prosser also shared some information about the glasses themselves, revealing that both lenses would feature displays that could be interacted with using gestures.

The glasses will pair with an iPhone, like the Apple Watch, though this could change prior to release.

What’s more, the glasses feature LiDAR technology and wireless charging, making it easy for consumers to take off their glasses at the end of the day and charge them before bed.

Apple had originally hoped to announce the new glasses this fall, but because of restrictions on free movement and gatherings due to the COVID-19 crisis, the company has reportedly decided to push back the release until March 2021 – or even 2022 depending on production.

In other news, Prosser has suggested that Apple could push back its usual September Event – where it shows off new iPhones and iPads – to October because of the global pandemic.

It has already been suggested that this year’s iPhones could be delayed due to production hold-ups and supply chain challenges, so a later unveiling could help Apple catch up.

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