Apple Glasses, Apple Watch sleep tracking coming next year

Apple will release its augmented reality headset product next year, according to reports.

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple insiders are working to a 2020 release deadline for their new Apple Glasses concept, although that timeline could be pushed back if the product needs more development before it’s released to the public.

Gurman’s report suggests that the glasses will wirelessly pair with an iPhone or iPad to display information like messages, maps, emails, and social media posts over the user’s field of vision, allowing them to spend more time outside and less looking at their screen.

Apple also wants to make it possible to play games on the headset, with the team currently developing an App Store for the AR headset.

Previous reports suggested the software would be a fork of iOS, rOS, introducing a new revenue stream for Apple as it looks to diversify.

Apple Watch improvements

2020 will be a big year for Apple, because as well as Apple Glasses and its 2020 iPhones, which will feature 5G modems and an impressive under-the-display biometric identification tool, Apple is also expected to overhaul its Apple Watches and add a long-awaited feature.

Despite being rumored for this year’s Apple Watch Series 5, Apple is now working on sleep tracking for its 2020 Apple Watch models, which would introduce useful new functionality to the world’s most advanced smartwatch.

Though several third-party apps exist for sleep tracking, an integrated tracker built into the device would allow users to monitor their sleep.

Apple is reportedly getting around battery issues by encouraging users to charge their watches on a morning and on an evening under a new super-fast charging option, meaning they can wear it all day and then again in bed.

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