Apple Granted Patent for 3D Projection System for Gaming

Donning double-tinted glasses for enjoying the illusion of 3D imagery when playing games is nothing new – but Apple could be planning to take the concept of 3D gaming to another, more exciting level, judging from a patent recently granted to the Cupertino company.

The patent, published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is for an “Optical Pattern Projection”. The details and diagrams published by Patently Apple suggest that the system builds upon familiar 3D imaging technology, but displays the imagery using a dedicated projector, rather than through a traditional screen.

Patently Apple cites gaming as one of the possible “types of 3D mapping applications” with this system. Apple could plausibly build upon this patent to make a 3D imagery projector for use with a wide range of Apple devices for more immersive 3D gaming.

One of the diagrams seems to hint that such a projector could be used in combination with a Mac or Apple TV-equipped television set. However, as the 3D imagery would be projected and so its size and reach would presumably not limited by any screen size, iPhones and iPads are surely also possible companions for such a device.

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