Apple has 860 million paid services subscribers

At its latest earnings call, Apple confirmed sales and profit of $83bn at a time when many other technology firms have struggled to generate profits due to economic uncertainty.

The company also confirmed in the earnings call that it now had more than 860 million paid subscribers across its services, which covers everything from Apple Music and Apple TV+ to Apple News, iCloud, and more.

Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, said that the firm had 860 million subscribers, an impressive increase of 160 million in a year. Apple doesn’t offer any specifics on how those metrics are made up, but he did say that growth had been strong across Apple TV+‌ and Apple Arcade.

It’s likely that this figure is “double-dipped”, so someone who has an Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscription will count as two subscribers, but it’s still impressive growth for the Cupertino company and a sign that Apple’s controversial venture into subscriptions services is paying off.

Apple beat expectations at its latest earnings call, confirming that iPhone sales had increased by 2.5%. However, Apple did stall in the Mac, iPad and Wearables spaces will sales dropping year over year, mostly due to supply constraints.

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