Apple has released iOS 15.4 beta, and it includes ‘Face ID With a Mask’

Woman wearing a mask

A beta for iOS 15.4 was made available to developers on Thursday, and one of the features in the update supports using Face ID while wearing a mask. Those who wear glasses will also have the option to “Add Glasses” to their Face ID, meaning they can unlock their iPhone wearing a mask and glasses, although this won’t extend to a mask and sunglasses.

The update gives the user the option to use Face ID while wearing a mask, but the pop-up adds that this will be at the cost of reduced security.

Pictures of the screen say that “iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye to authenticate” but warn that Face ID will be more accurate if the user has it set to not work with a mask.

Reports from 9to5Mac and MacRumors have explained that only users with an iPhone 12 or newer will be able to access the feature. It is not yet clear why Apple has limited the capability to these models, but it is reportedly possible that the Cupertino company will expand “Face ID With a Mask” to older iPhones in future betas.

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