Apple headset coming first quarter of 2022, priced at $500+

Apple will release its long-awaited VR headset in the first quarter of next year, according to an analyst at JP Morgan, adding fuel to the fire that Apple Glasses are well on their way.

The report suggests that Apple has been working on its new virtual reality glasses for a number of years and that the first-generation will feature LiDAR technology and six lenses.

Although Apple originally wanted to create something that could replace the iPhone, the first iteration of the product will instead have a more traditional VR headset design and will offer virtual reality experiences from the comfort of your own home, ideal for gaming and music.

In a separate report from China Times, the new VR headset will feature a LiDAR optical scanner, designed to sense distances between real-world objects and make the virtual reality experience more immersive and realistic. Apple has already added LiDAR scanners to its iPhones and iPads, so the company has experience in developing the technology.

According to Yang Weilun, Apple will spend around $500 building each headset, suggesting the retail price will be closer to $1,000. By comparison, the Oculus Rift started at $599 in the US.

If you’re hoping for Apple’s long-rumoured futuristic glasses, you’ve got to wait a little bit longer. JP Morgan said that it was “extremely difficult” for Apple to create lightweight glasses with virtual reality technology, and added that we’re unlikely to see it any time soon.

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