Apple highlights privacy and the environment in new adverts

Apple’s latest television adverts demonstrate the company’s commitment to privacy and the environment.

Released on Apple’s Australian YouTube channel yesterday (June 24), the ads demonstrate how the company cares about both the environment and the privacy of its customer base, with three new 16-second clips designed to be shown on television across Australia.

Presumably designed in-house at Apple, the ads focus on Privacy, with the first ad alerting users to the fact that all apps in the App Store are reviewed by an Apple employee before they are published on the App Store.

The company is increasingly using its stance on privacy as a selling point compared with other technology companies like Google and Samsung, most recently hitting Google and Facebook with its Sign in with Apple feature.

The second ad slot focuses on iMessage and how it encrypts messages by default, rather than on Facebook Messenger or Twitter where encryption can only be done on a chat-by-chat basis by ticking a box and running through numerous chat windows. Facebook has confirmed plans to release end-to-end-encryption on Messenger later this year, but it might be too little, too late as consumers switch to iMessage and its associated benefits.


The final ad released is for recycling, with Apple making the point of recycling elements on the screen to show its commitment to the environment. “Apple recycles even the thinnest parts of the iPhone,” it says in the advert, “like up to 0.83 grams of tungsten.”

These short, humorous clips aren’t going to win awards for their innovation or design, but they’re a nice way to spread Apple messages clearly – almost PSAs for future Apple adopters or everyday users who don’t understand the functionality included as standard in iOS, and macOS.

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