Apple Hiring More Software Developers Than Hardware

Apple is hiring more software developers than hardware developers for the first time, according to a new report by Thinknum.

The analytics firm has studied job listings at Apple for a number of years, and the latest figures show that the company has been putting an increased focus on software.

So much so that it’s looking to hire more software developers than hardware developers, a new move for the Cupertino firm which has previously been heavily invested in expanding its hardware lines.

Thinknum’s research shows that Apple is hiring more staff for its Software and Services division than any other category – well above Hardware, Retail, Sales, Operations, Support, Marketing, Corporate Functions, and Design.

Since 2016, Apple’s most in-demand job category was Hardware Engineering, but by Fall 2018, Software had overtaken.

The news comes at a time when Apple is focusing more on its software and services products, as it looks to combat falling smartphone sales in today’s oversaturated market.

Consumers are simply upgrading their smartphones less – in part, because of the rising costs of a new iPhone.

Today, the iPhone XS will set you back $999 – the same price as one of Apple’s MacBook Air models, or five 32 GB iPod touch models.

The Cupertino firm is expected to announce a new video streaming service and a news and editorial subscription service later this month, in a bid to increase its services arm.

Apple’s renewed focus on services follows a warnings call from Tim Cook, who blamed the China trade row, the cost of the iPhone, and consumer demand for slowing sales.

It will be interesting to follow where Apple is headed. With the company clearly on a new mission to enter into services and subscriptions beyond music and iCloud, we could even see Apple develop competitor products to Photoshop, Amazon Prime, and G Suite, but we, of course, don’t know for sure what Apple has planned.

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