Apple hiring Neuroscientists

You read that right.

In one of the latest job adverts posted by the company Apple is actively looking for a Senior Systems Neuroscientist who is capable of “building transformative neurotechnology”.

It doesn’t mention which particular projects or divisions the successful applicant will be working on but Siri is the most plausible.

Applicants should have 5 to 10 years experience in “designing experiments to investigate the neural correlates of perception, action or cognition using human or animal models.” The role is also described as requiring a multi-faceted investigator that will work closely with scientists and engineers throughout Apple. They will also be required to carry out quantitative analysis of raw data to pull out meaningful and actionable insights.

Open the pod bay doors, Siri

The person will work in the Technology Development Team who “are passionate about the study of the brain and its application to building transformative neurotechnology”.

Siri is the most likely obvious beneficiary from the new work as it works using a deep neural network and machine learning.

This fits in with what we already know. Employment specialists Thinknum reported earlier this year that job opening for working on Siri or Siri-enabled devices had risen to an all time high with over 161 open positions.

Siri, please work

The majority of the positions are as software engineers and Siri does have some catching up to do on useability and functions against competitors like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. They are expanding their useability and introducing new actions and functions on a daily basis while Siri still struggles with basic tasks such as turning lights off or taking notes.

Home automation is a growing area and if Apple wants to have a solid stake in this market then Siri has to improve. This shows they are taking the challenge seriously.

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