Apple Hotel: Apple working on new hotel in Austin, Texas

Apple is venturing into hospitality with a new 192-room hotel at its Texas campus.

According to a report from Culturemap, who has seen revised construction plans for the company’s new Austin, Texas campus, Apple is working on a new hotel to sit alongside its offices, designed to offer premium accommodation for staff, clients, and the general public.

The 75,500-feet hotel will have six stories, but we don’t know for sure whether it will be an Apple-branded hotel or be occupied by a chain such as Hilton or Marriott.

Back in December 2018, when the original plans for the campus were revealed, there wasn’t a hotel.

If the hotel is built, it would be the first time an Apple campus came with an on-site hotel, but it would no doubt offer significant value and help employees who are traveling to Austin a place to stay when they’re training or working with Texan employees on secret projects.

Apple began work on its Texas campus back in November and will spend more than $1 billion on the construction.

The campus will comprise of more than three million square feet, with two million of that dedicated to office space, and construction will wrap up in 2022.

When the Texas campus is opened, it will house 5,000 employees, and eventually, have room for up to 15,000 staffers once the final pieces of the jigsaw are added.

When that headcount is compared to a 192-room hotel, it’s realistic to assume it would be very busy.

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