Apple Introduces Apple Watch Ultra 2: Bigger Display, Enhanced Features, & Carbon Neutral Production

Apple has officially announced the Apple Watch Ultra 2, an upgrade to the top-end model first introduced last year. This announcement dispels rumors of an “Apple Watch Pro”, revealing instead that the new premium offering will continue under the “Ultra” brand name.


  • Largest Display Ever: At 49mm, this watch has the largest face ever seen on an Apple Watch. With a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits, it offers 50% more brightness than the first iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Customizable Action Button: The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the first Apple product to feature a customizable Action button, a feature later incorporated into the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.
  • Extended Battery Life: The Ultra 2 has a standard battery life of 36 hours, but a low-power mode extends it to as much as 72 hours.
  • Enhanced Audio: The speaker and microphone have been optimized for loud environments, and an 86dB siren is included for emergency situations.
  • Ultra-Precise GPS: The GPS system in the Ultra 2 is incredibly precise, providing accurate location tracking.
  • Scuba Diving Capability: This watch doubles as a dive computer, able to operate at depths of up to 40 meters, surpassing the usual 30M limit for recreational diving.
  • Same S9 Processor: Like the Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is equipped with the new S9 processor, providing smooth animations and improved performance.
  • On-Device Siri: Thanks to a new neural engine in the S9 chip, Siri is processed on-device and will soon have access to your health data.
  • U2 Ultra-Wideband Chip: This new chip provides ultra-precise location tracking and offers media suggestions when you approach a HomePod. It also gives you “Now Playing” controls if a HomePod is already active.
  • Double-Tap Gesture: This feature allows for convenient actions such as answering and ending phone calls or snoozing alarms.
  • Carbon Neutral: Apple has stated that the production of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is 100% carbon neutral, in line with its environmental commitments.

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