Apple introduces iCloud+, offering secure HomeKit video, VPN, and more

Apple has announced the launch of a new subscription service, iCloud+.

The company has once again upped its emphasis on security and privacy and will offer consumers who pay for iCloud additional features as part of their existing subscription. One of the biggest is the “invisible pixel” where brands can see when users open emails, where they’re opening them from, and their IP address.

Apple says in Mail on iOS and macOS, iCloud+ will block companies from extracting such data.

What’s interesting to note is that users will be able to view a record of the data brands have collected on them, including health data, photos, messages, browsing history and more, offering them more control.

Private Relay will come to iCloud+, which encrypts the browsing process and acts as a VPN. The company says that not even Apple will know which websites you’re visiting, and it’ll happen in the background. This serves as a big blow to companies like NordVPN and helps Apple unlock yet another revenue stream for the company.

Apple will also introduce Hide My Email, which offers disposable emails. When you sign up for an account, you can generate an unlimited number of throwaway email addresses and deactivate them should they be spammed.

Finally, Apple will offer HomeKit Secure Video as part of its iCloud+ service, encrypting video on CCTV cameras which are part of the HomeKit network.

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