Apple introduces Legacy Contact feature on iOS 15.2

The new version of iOS 15 will introduce support for Legacy Contacts.

When the operating system was announced earlier in the year, Apple confirmed a new Digital Legacy feature that would let consumers choose a person as their Legacy Contact. This would give them access to your Apple ID and personal information should you die.

The company didn’t include the feature as part of the iOS 15 launch, but it’s now available in the iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 beta, which has been released to developers.

When users head to the Settings app, click on their profile picture and select Passwords & Security, there’ll be a new Legacy Contact option where you can add a trusted person to your account, who’ll be able to manage your affairs after you pass away. It could be a spouse, child, or trusted contact.

If the event that you do pass away, the person will be able to access all of your data. However, they’ll first need to provide an access key (which you’ll supply to them) as well as a copy of the death certificate. This will be manually reviewed by an Apple employee, and the contact will then be able to view your photos, videos, notes, documents, and other personal information.

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