Apple introduces new screensaver in macOS Catalina

The latest macOS Catalina beta dropped this week, and as well as a bunch of new under-the-hood changes designed to improve efficiency, Apple revealed a new screensaver.

It’s rare for the Cupertino company to refresh macOS screensavers – most Mac users set their display to switch off when they’re inactive for five minutes or so – but this latest release brings with it a stunning new design called Drift, expected to ship with macOS in September.

The new screensaver features multi-colored 3D light trails which move in a wave-like motion.

What’s particularly interesting about this screensaver is that it is rendered on your device using your GPU, so you can expect to see different movements and frequencies every time.

Users are able to select from a number of style options, including Space Gray, Silver, the rainbow Spectrum, and colors based off of your desktop wallpaper for consistency.

The new screensaver was first revealed by developer Jeremy Bank on Twitter.

Aside from a new screensaver option, macOS Catalina brings with it the removal of iTunes and new dedicated apps for Music, TV, and Podcasts, as well as the ability to use your iPadOS-compatible device as a second display, Screen Time, the Find My app, and much more.

The release is expected to ship for free on the Mac App Store this September.

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