Apple introduces new smart battery cases for the iPhone 11 family

Apple has begun selling smart battery cases for the iPhone 11 range of smartphones.

Starting from $129, consumers can pick up a smart battery case for their iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max just in time for Christmas, expanding the life of their battery.

The new cases feature a similar design to last year’s, though have a larger cutout to accommodate for the new dual- and triple-lens camera systems introduced with the iPhones.

As before, the new cases are manufactured from high-quality silicone and feature an inner lining made from microfiber to protect the iPhone.

The case also features an elastomer hinge design, which makes it easy for consumers to take the case on and off, for example, if they were to purchase a charging case but only wanted to use it when traveling or low on battery.

The cases are available in black, white, and pink sand color options, though the pink sand color option is limited to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone 11 users will have to make do with black or white if they want to add some extra juice to their phones.

What has changed on this year’s smart cases, however, is the introduction of a new dedicated camera button on the case of the smartphone, which launches the Camera app when the phone is locked or unlocked.

By pressing this button, you can take a photo or hold down for a QuickTake video.

The company has confirmed that this feature works for selfies.

The new cases are Qi-charger compatible, meaning the case and the iPhone can be charged at the same time.

Apple says that the new cases offer up to 50% longer battery life when fully charged, offering more talk time and internet use for busy consumers on the go.

Unlike third-party options, Apple’s smart battery case is integrated into iOS, allowing you to see your battery status on the lock screen, offering you more power of your phone usage.

The smart battery cases for the iPhone 11 family were leaked with iOS 13.2, but there was no word on when they would launch. Last year’s, for example, didn’t launch until January.

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