Apple Introduces ‘StandBy’ Mode in iOS 17, Transforming iPhone Lock Screen into a Smart Display

Apple has introduced a new feature called ‘StandBy’ for iOS 17, which is designed to enhance the functionality of the always-on display on iPhones.

The feature activates automatically when the iPhone is placed in landscape mode, transforming the device into a smart display.

This new interface displays the time prominently, while also showing the calendar, alerts, Siri suggestions, and Live Activities, making it akin to having an Amazon Echo Show integrated into the iPhone. Users can personalize their StandBy experience with a range of times and styles, and notifications and widgets are neatly incorporated into the StandBy dashboard.

Apple foresees StandBy mode being particularly useful for users who leave their iPhone on a nightstand, docked in a kitchen, or on a desk at work. StandBy will be available in iOS 17, which is expected to be released this fall.

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