Apple iPhone 5 Continues Global Takeover

As it’s currently shaping up, Apple’s international release of the iPhone 5 is gearing up to be the fastest worldwide release in the company’s history. I say this because of a recent report from The Economic Times concerning Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling schedule.

According to the report, the Cupertino firm will be revealing its coveted smartphone (on November 2nd) to; Greece, India, Mexico, Thailand, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Croatia, and The Dominican Republic. This is a huge step for Apple, who is obviously trying their hardest to get their phones in everyone’s hands as quickly as possible.

There are also some other unique changes that the company is making in an effort to better appeal to different locales. The report also suggests that Apple has changed the purchase currency of iTunes in India from the United States Dollar to the native Indian Rupee. This move was supposedly to help local Indian developers, as it is more likely that individuals will buy an application that is priced in their country’s native currency. This is just another example of how Apple is attempting to blur the lines in its global economy sector.

The most important news though is that China is expected to see the iPhone 5 sometime in December. This is a huge economic deal for Apple considering that China houses such a vast array of technology minded citizens. Apple’s products have done exceedingly well in China in the past, but it has taken a considerably longer time for Chinese customers to see “new releases” from Apple. If the company manages to release its device successfully to one of its biggest customers (China) in December, than we can expect them to see a huge profit boost and projected earning before the end of the Holiday season.


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Ivan Castilho is a citizen of the world; CEO at Mindfield Digital and Executive Director at AppleMagazine, and Techlife News. Ivan's been an avid Apple user and consumer since 2008, with a major in Marketing and extensive experience in strategic management and consulting for tech companies. Hobbies include photography, design, and music.