Apple launches AirTag anti-stalking update in iOS 15.4 beta

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The fourth beta of iOS 15.4 sees the introduction of Apple’s promised AirTag anti-stalking features. A warning is now provided at setup that using an AirTag or other Find My-linked items to track someone without their permission is a crime.

This update has come in response to reports of AirTags being misused. Earlier this month, Apple announced that it would release changes and updates to strengthen the accessory’s anti-stalking features.

With the latest beta, Apple has also removed the ability to disable Item Safety Alerts in the Find My app; instead, users are presented with “Customize Find My Notifications” and “Customize Tracking Notifications” options.

In addition, iOS 15.4 can now specify for the user’s benefit when an unidentified pair of AirPods is found travelling with them. AirPods previously triggered a vague “Unknown Accessory Alert” notification, which was a source of confusion for some users.

Apple is set to implement additional anti-stalking measures later in the year. Those will include Precision Finding for unknown AirTags, display alerts that appear whenever a sound is played, and more noticeable AirTag beeping.

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