Apple Launches Car Keys Tests App for Easy Car Key Certification

Apple has recently launched a new app for automobile manufacturers to test the integration of its digital Car Key service, called Car Keys Tests. This new app is intended to speed up the adoption of its digital car key feature, which allows users to add a digital version of the car key in the wallet app on their iPhone and use the NFC chip in compatible models to unlock, lock, and start their vehicles.

The Car Key feature was introduced in 2020 and is only supported by a handful of automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Kia, and Genesis. It is currently only available on select models and Apple is likely to be looking to expand its availability.

The new Car Keys Tests app is designed for automobile companies to “test and validate” requirements for the certification process for Car Key. This is expected to enable automobile manufacturers to test the integration of the Car Key feature more easily, thus helping Apple to speed up its adoption. However, the app is not yet listed on the App Store and can only be accessed via a direct link.

Car Key is currently available on iPhone XS or later, or iPhone SE (2nd generation) running on the latest iOS version, and Apple Watch Series 5 or later, or Apple Watch SE on the latest watchOS version.

The service allows users to replace their physical car keys with digital keys, offering a more secure and convenient way to access their vehicles. Additionally, Apple has recently added support for Car Keys on Google Pixel on Android 12, which is the first compatible Android device.

Apart from Car Keys Tests, the Apple Store app for iOS has also been updated to version 5.19 with new features for shopping lists and more details about retail locations. The app offers a personalized shopping experience for customers and includes recommendations based on Apple products they already own, as well as support for Apple Pay transactions and App Clips at retail locations.

It is reported that the Apple Store app may soon support an augmented reality feature that will enable users to point their iPhones at an Apple product and instantly receive more details about pricing and specifications in an overlay on their screen.

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