Apple launches new unified gift card in key markets

Apple has launched a new unified gift card in a number of key markets around the world, streamlining the experience for customers.

Apple first debuted the card in the United States in 20210 as a way to reduce the confusion when buying an Apple gift card. Up until then, and up until now in markets outside of the United States, the company offered separate cards for services like the App Store and Apple Retail.

Now, customers in some of the company’s biggest countries can purchase the new unified card, which can be used to purchase any Apple product or service, including iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple One subscriptions.

Customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France are among the new territories to switch to the new Apple gift card.

The new card is sold under the “everything Apple” moniker and is sold in denominations such as £25, £50, and £100, but it’s also possible to enter your own amount when buying the card online.

The new card replaces the previous iTunes Gift Cards that were sold in some markets, as well as Apple Store gift cards. Apple is selling the new card in both physical and virtual forms, with the latter being delivered to users’ inboxes in a couple of minutes.

Are you pleased to see Apple transition to this new card format? Let us know and check back soon for more information on everything Apple.

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