Apple launches watchOS 8

Apple watchOS 8 | New faces and features

Apple Watches are more popular than ever. According to the website, 33.9 million Apple Watches were sold around the world in 2020, and were particularly popular in European countries such as the UK, Italy, Germany, and France. The much-anticipated WatchOS 8 update for the Apple Watch, which hit the market on September 20, is likely to increase this already substantial number of the gadget’s fans. 

The newest version of Apple Watch’s operating system promises the gadget’s owners new tools to stay connected and healthy. The download is absolutely free and available for Apple Watch users of series 3 or later. Updating your watch is as easy as going to the watchOS 8 updates in the Watch app on your iPhone (be sure that your phone has been updated to the iOS 15 operating system). 

Here is what you can expect once you have your WatchOS 8 update up and running. 

Health and Fitness 

Apple watchOS 8 workout | Fitness, meditation, pilates

The latest Apple Watch update comes with two new exercise types — pilates and tai chi. Phenomenal for both the body and mind, the workouts are supported by heart rate and motion algorithms that offer watch-wearers accurate calorie measurements. 

There is also a new mindfulness app that offers short breathing and reflective sessions. Both come with new visuals — breathing meditation shows animations that mimic the action of breathing and reflective meditation shows swirls of color.


Apple watchOS 8 watchOS photos

The new Photos app shows more images and albums from the selection screen, letting watch-wearers sift through a grid of countless photos and videos. 

There is also a new portrait mode watch face that brings to life photos shot on your iPhone with a creative layered effect. The app recognizes and highlights the subject in the photos for a stunning result with added depth.

Updates to Home app

Apple watchOS 8 doorbell

Thoroughly revamped, the home app delivers an even more convenient control system for your watch’s accessories, which can now be managed by room. In addition, watch-wearers with a HomeKit-enabled camera can see who is at their front door directly on their wrists.


Apple watchOS 8 messages scribble

The WatchOS 8 update makes communication via your watch easy with additional massage tools. Watch-wearers can now use the scribble function, dictation, and emojis all in one message. They can also dictate a message with the option of editing its text. In addition, the update lets users enter a word or a phrase to search for a GIF to add to their message.

Sleeping respiratory rate

Apple watchOS 8 sleep tracking

Those concerned about their sleeping pattern will appreciate Apple Watch’s new ability to track their respiratory rate (or the number of breaths per minute) during sleep. Just like other metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, and time asleep, this data can be tracked in the Health app on your iPhone.

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