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Apple to let Google Assistant better integrate with iPhone?

This summer, Google brought its virtual helper Google Assistant to iPhone as an app. However, there is a new rumor that Apple will allow Siri to be completely replaced with Google Assistant on iPhone.

What this basically means is that Google Assistant would be deeply integrated with the device much like Siri currently is. There would, presumably, be no need for iPhone users to launch an app just to start using the Google offering. However, details about the functionality’s exact limits remain sketchy…

The news of this alleged arrangement between Apple and Google has been broken by AndroidGuys, which cites an anonymous source. The site says that this source was unable to confirm whether it would be a partnership akin to that resulting in the Google Maps app which was preinstalled on early iPhones and iPads. The source also apparently could not confirm how far the integration would go.

In less surprising news, this source reportedly added that Apple will, as already strongly indicated by rumor, indeed release three new iPhone models this year: the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and iPhone 8.

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