Apple & LG Partner for Next-Gen OLED in iPad Pro & MacBook In a leap towards display innovation, Apple is set to introduce specialized OLED materials in its next-gen iPad Pro and MacBook, collaborating with LG Display, as revealed by The Elec.

Apple is charting a progressive path in its display technology for future devices. The tech giant is aligning with LG Display to bring in an advanced set of OLED materials to its upcoming ‌iPad Pro‌ and MacBook models. The partnership aims to integrate LG’s newly developed “RDE” OLED material set into the imminent 11- and 13-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ models. Furthermore, an avant-garde MacBook, anticipated to hit the market in 2027, will embrace LG’s next-in-line “RDG” OLED material set.

Tracing back, LG Display’s pioneering “RD” series of OLED materials was universally implemented across both IT gadgets and automotive applications. However, the advent of the “RDE” series and its successors showcases LG’s vision to specialize its OLED offerings, tailoring specific materials for discrete industrial applications. This strategic shift implies that Apple’s forthcoming devices equipped with OLED displays will be endowed with material sets meticulously designed to cater to their distinctive needs.

Shedding light on the technical intricacies, the OLED screens intended for the next-generation ‌iPad Pro‌ and MacBook devices will be constructed using a two-stack tandem framework. This advanced design incorporates two concurrent light-emitting layers. A notable advantage of this dual-layered OLED setup is its ability to achieve brightness levels on par with the traditional single-stack models. However, it offers the added benefits of considerably lower power consumption and an extended operational lifespan.

For context, Apple’s current iPhone range employs a single-stack OLED display, encompassing a singular light-emitting layer.

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