Apple Lifts the Lid on New Apple TV+ Service and App

Apple has lifted the lid on its new television subscription service.

As well as announcing a whole host of new features for the Apple TV app and experience, including the news that the service will launch on Amazon’s Firestick and Roku for the first time, the company showed off new TV shows and movies.

Introducing Apple TV Plus

For the first time, Apple TV will provide users with a unique series of shows and films.

“We designed a new TV experience where you can pay for only the channels you want, all in one app, with the password you already have,” said Apple’s Peter Stern during the Keynote.

“Watch everything on demand and ad-free. Download your shows to take with you anywhere. Enjoy the highest quality picture and sound available. No more bouncing around from app to app,” Stern added.


Apple TV Channels

For the first time, users will also be able to subscribe to television stations and premium content creators, having their content delivered directly to the Apple TV app.

It’s a direct hit to Amazon, which offers a similar service under its Prime Video strand.


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