Apple looking to hire Windows software developers

Apple is seeking software engineers to build new apps for Windows, reports Neowin.

The company has put out a new Apple job listing, looking for experienced Windows software developers to help the company build “the next generation of media apps for Windows”.

Apple made the decision to remove iTunes from macOS Catalonia, replacing it with three independent apps for music, podcasts, and TV, but iTunes lives to fight another day on Windows, and services like Apple Music and Apple TV+ are currently web-based only.

It’s widely expected that the company is looking for new developers to overhaul the iTunes and iCloud apps for Windows, bringing it in line with the current macOS offering and giving Apple another opportunity to expand its services division with new service-based software.

The company may even decide to offer its Apple Arcade games on Windows devices.

“The Media Apps team is looking for a creative Senior Software Engineer to work on the next generation of media apps for Windows. You will help build innovative features that will delight millions of customers around the world,” read the job advertisement, posted on

“You possess strong skills in the areas of application design, solid API design principles and have a strong understanding of customer and workflow issues.

“You have a history of shipping large volume consumer product successfully. You are a well-rounded developer who is not afraid to question assumptions.

“You have excellent written and oral skills. You love collaborating under tight deadlines.

“If you love music and you are passionate about writing code and want to work with world-class engineering teams that ship to millions of users, the Media Apps team is the place for you.”

Apple has said that experience in the Universal Windows Platform. is a “big plus” for the role, suggesting that Apple could be looking to build apps for Windows 10 and even Xbox One.

An Apple TV+ app, for example, would mean that the company’s new streaming service could be offered on consoles for the first time, outside of smart TVs and Apple devices.

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