Apple loses showrunner for their first original series

Apple has just lost the showrunner and executive producer for their first ever original series, due to creative differences. Bryan Fuller, American TV writer and producer who has worked on Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Hannibal, and more, is thought to have had a different vision for the adaptation of Amazing Stories. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fuller wanted the show to be somewhat similar to Netflix’s chilling and incredibly popular Black Mirror, but Apple has other plans. Exactly what these plans are, remains unclear, however, it is thought that creative differences as well as budget, caused Fuller to quit. This is not the first time Fuller has left a project due to budget disputes and differing opinions for he was fired from both American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery for these reasons.

It is thought Apple wants to keep its TV shows less risque and less violent than the likes of Game of Thrones or Mindhunter and this could be what caused Fuller to leaveThe tech giant has more shows up its sleeve with rumors that they are creating a sci-fi show by Ronald Moore and a sketch comedy show featuring Kristin Wiig. It is not clear how many will have access to the shows but many believe it will it won’t just be limited to those on Apple Music.

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