Apple lowers device trade-in price for iPhones and Macs

Apple has updated its trade-in offerings, reducing the price it gives to consumers when they trade in an old device and upgrade to a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

Users can send in a device whenever they want and receive an Apple gift card to put towards purchasing a new device, or when buying a new device, they can trade-in at the same time and have the amount taken off the final price of the new model. Apple adjusts the price it pays for devices from time to time to reflect demand and the wider industry, and today the company has made another change to its current price offerings.

For example, users who trade in an iPhone 12 Pro Max will now receive up to $700 in credit, which is down from $790, whilst an iPhone 12 mini will net you $350, down from $400. An iPhone 11 will offer up to $300 in trade-in credit, down from $340, and an iPhone 8 will give you up to $100, down from $110. The oldest model Apple accepts is an iPhone 6s, and the company will offer up to $30 for this device, which is unchanged.

It’s not just iPhones that have seen their figures adjusted. The maximum trade-in value of an iPad is just $550, down from $580, and for a Mac, it’s $2,720, down from $3,240.

Apple will still offer up to $270 for an Apple Watch trade-in.

The prices we’ve mentioned are only granted if your device is in good or perfect condition. Apple and its partners will adjust the offer if the device is in any other condition, meaning it’s often worth checking out third-party websites to see whether you can get a better deal.

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