Apple Music Boosts Spatial Audio by Offering Royalty Perks for Dolby Atmos Tracks Apple gears up to reward artists and labels for Spatial Audio adoption in streaming royalties.

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In a strategic move to promote the adoption of Spatial Audio, Apple is set to introduce royalty incentives for artists and record labels that incorporate this technology into their music.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, beginning next year, Apple Music will favor tracks mixed in Dolby Atmos when calculating streaming royalties.

This shift implies that artists and labels using Dolby Atmos will receive higher royalty payments, regardless of whether listeners choose the Spatial Audio version of their tracks.

The decision comes as part of Apple’s broader push to enhance the listening experience on its platform. Introduced in 2021, Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos aims to create a more immersive audio experience, simulating sound from various directions around the listener, akin to a live performance.

The technology has gained traction, with over half of Apple Music’s subscribers engaging with Spatial Audio features as of early 2022.

Apple’s policy, yet to be officially announced, marks a significant step in the music streaming industry.

It encourages artists and labels to explore advanced audio technologies, potentially leading to a richer and more diverse musical landscape.

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This move also sets Apple Music apart from competitors like Spotify, which has not yet adopted Dolby Atmos, and Amazon Music, which offers the technology without extra charges.

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