Apple Music HiFi set to launch in the coming weeks Apple is planning to launch a new premium tier to its Apple Music subscription service soon.

According to Hits Double Daily, Apple has been preparing to launch a new high fidelity tier to its music streaming service for some time, and the tier will launch in the “coming weeks”, and be paired up with the release of the third-generation AirPods, much to the surprise of some.

The report suggests that Apple won’t be charging any more for the new tier – it’ll be priced at $9.99 in the United States, designed to compete against Spotify. The European streaming service, which has been in fierce competition with Apple, sparking a number of antitrust complaints, said that its customers will be able to upgrade to high fidelity sound later in 2021.

It’s unlikely that Apple would announce a new tier to Apple Music, or release hardware like AirPods 3, at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7, so if the rumor does turn out to be true, we’ll likely see the announcement made via a press release soon.

We already know that third-generation ‌AirPods‌ are in the works and that they’ll sport a new design similar to the AirPods Pro. It had previously been reported that Apple was scaling back production on AirPods 2 due to falling demand, so perhaps version three is imminent?

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