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Apple Music launches Friends Mix

Apple Music is launching a brand new music discovery mix called the Friends Mix, which is going to update every Monday.

The dynamic new service collages 25 songs that your Apple Music friends have been listening to. It is starting to roll out for some users now across Apple’s platforms and has not been mentioned in the iOS 12 or other beta releases.

In the Mix

The Favorites mix, Chill mix and New Music mix collections have already been launched and Friends mix will join them.

Setting up the Friends Mix is easy when it is enabled on your devices. Follow your friends in Apple Music and they can follow you back. Listening history is automatically shared so music that your friends are listening to comes as recommendations in the Friends Are Listening To section.

You can also click on your friend’s profiles to see their full listening history on Apple Music. You can also ask Siri to “play your friends Mix” or find it in For You.

Friends don’t let friends listen to Nickelback

Will this make you change your listening behavior so your listening history looks a lot “cooler”? Will you deliberately seek out more and more obscure bands and tracks to confuse your friends and the algorithm? Do you use any of the existing mixes in Apple Music at all?

The Friends mix is scheduled to update on Mondays. This makes sense as the Favorites mix upates on Tuesdays, New Music mix on Fridays and the Chill mix on Sundays. Who know what mixes they will come up with to fill Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays?

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